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How Viabox Works

Easy Package Forwarding


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Forever Free US addressGet forever free US address. Pay just for shipping fees to forward packages to your country.

Compare us to OTHERS
Registration Fee Free $10 or $20 or $35 $5 or $15 $8.50 or $10
Membership Free $7 or $25 / month $5 / box $8.50/box or $10/month
Assisted Purchase Fee(% of item value) 0% 5% or 10% 10% 8%
Consolidation of Multiple Packages Yes Available to Paid Subscribers Only Yes Available to Paid Subscribers Only
Consolidation Fee Free Free Free $2 / Package
Repackaging (to lower weight) Free Free Not Offered Free
Product Images Free Not Offered $2/image Not Offered
Duration of Free Storage 90 days 30 daysFor paid members only 21 days 90 days but limited to 1 box at a time
Weekly Storage Fee None $7 / box $35 / box Limited to 18 cubic ft
$7/ extra 18 cubic ft
Other Fees None Extra name: $20/year
Late fee:$10+5%/mo
Inactive fee: $10
Pickup fee: $15
$10 return handling fee
$2 reweighing fee
$10 Fee if +30Lb
$20 Fee if +70Lb
$30 Fee if +100Lb
$50 Fee if +1500Lb
Mandatory deposit
Spending limits
Paypal Accepted Yes No No No
Bitcoin Accepted Yes No No No
International Shipping Carriers DHL, UPS, TNT, USPS, Toll, Aramex, Yamato, SPSR Express DHL, Fedex, USPS Fedex only DHL, Fedex, USPS
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Pay only for shipping costThanks to our large shipping volume, all our customers benefit from deeply discounted shipping rates to forward packages to 220+ countries.

Compare our unbeatable shipping rates to others.There are NO HIDDEN FEES at Viabox. You pay only for shipping fees to forward packages to your country.

Compare rates (e.g. 1 Lb)
North America (e.g. Canada) $19.95 $46.49 $27.02 $30.58
Europe (e.g. United Kingdom) $13.28 $39.85 $29.06 $31.16
Oceania (e.g. Australia) $23.58 $45.54 $37.70 $29.14
Asia (e.g. Singapore) $16.60 $40.13 $30.16 $28.96
Middle East (e.g. Saudi Arabia) $22.41 $36.56 $36.93 $32.64
South America (e.g. Brazil) $26.71 $47.16 $39.69 $40.89
Africa (e.g. Egypt) $19.92 $36.56 $36.93 $25.79
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Shop & Ship. Anytime. Anywhere.Access to your Viabox suite on any device, anytime, anywhere, and forward your mail or parcels to your country as soon as they arrive at your Viabox suite.


I was so impressed with the quality of the packaging of my Snowboard, I received it just in time for my trip! Thank you!Australia | Snowboard
My shoes arrived in less than 48 hours to my house in Germany. I didn't even think that was possible. What a lovely Service!Germany | Shoes
I was annoyed with US sites who ship to USA only, but I'm glad I found out about this package forwarding service!South Africa | Outdoor gear
The best kept secret website for shoppers outside the US. It's a must-bookmark for anyone looking to shop from the US!U.A.E | iPad & iPhone
Viabox ROCKS! I was feeling restricted here in Brazil, but now I can shop any US website including Amazon & Ebay.Brazil | Laptop
Viabox's low shipping rates and free Assisted Purchase allow me to import & sell more US goods in my country.Japan | Music Instruments
I was tired after hours on ebay USA to find that a seller ships to US only, your Free Personal Shopper was a lifesaver!U.K. | Cosmetics
After trying many other shipping companies, I found out that Viabox offers the lowest shipping rates to Singapore!Singapore | Clothes
I saved over $200 with Free package consolidation when I combined 7 boxes in one box. Excellent service!New Zealand | Camping gear
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  • Auto Parts & Industrial 31%
  • Collectibles 26%
  • Home & Garden 18%
  • Clothes 81%
  • Shoes, Bags & Accessories 75%
  • Makeup & Cosmetics 69%
  • Jewelry 64%
  • Kids & Baby Clothing 58%
  • Books, Movies & Music 51%
  • Electronics & Computers 44%
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  • Sports Gear 23%
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